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Messages from owners to Underdogs

Alice & Lenny

We were very fortunate to be given an Underdog Training business card by our vet when we took her to the vet for her first check up. It was one of the best pieces of advice that our vet has given us and our experience with Underdog Training in guiding us with the training of our dogs has been fantastic. Alice (2.5 years) and Lenny (5 months) were both abandoned by their owners. Alice came from Save a Dog and we adopted her in November 2007. Lenny was fostered by Underdog, and when we saw him we just had to have him join our family in June 2008 and be a companion to Alice. Tamara came to our place shortly after we brought Alice home and was a wealth of useful and practical information regarding having dogs around the house and how to train them. In particular, Tamara has worked with us in relation to Alice’s ‘escapee’ habits and we now have a very effective and reliable retaining system at our house. Alice also has an aggression problem when meeting other dogs on the lead (even though she is fantastic with people). With the help of Underdog through regular training sessions and a 3 week boarding training period (where we sent Alice away for intensive training/behaviour modification) we are well on the way to managing the issue which now makes walks a far more pleasant experience!!! Alice has gone through level 1 training and was best dog in class thanks to Underdog Training’s excellent instruction…we are now doing level 2 which is a lot of fun. Lenny is just starting level 1 and we are looking forward to taking him through the training process. We would highly recommend Underdog Training and thank Tamara and Stuart for all their help, patience and support!!! Jane Hodder and Murray Ware – Malvern East