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Alice & Lenny
We were very fortunate to be given an Underdog Training business card by our vet when we took her to the vet for her first check up. It was one of the best pieces of advice that our vet has given us and our experience with Underdog Training in guiding us with the training of our dogs has been fantastic. Alice (2.5 years) and Lenny (5 months) were both abandoned by their owners. Tamara came to our place shortly after we brought Alice home and was a wealth of useful and practical information regarding having dogs around the house and how to train them. In particular, Tamara has worked with us in relation to Alice's 'escapee' habits and we now have a very effective and reliable retaining system at our house. Alice also has an aggression problem when meeting other dogs on the lead (even though she is fantastic with people). With the help of Underdog through regular training sessions and a 3 week boarding training period (where we sent Alice away for intensive training/behaviour modification) we are well on the way to managing the issue which now makes walks a far more pleasant experience!!! Alice has gone through level 1 training and was best dog in class thanks to Underdog Training's excellent instruction...we are now doing level 2 which is a lot of fun. Lenny is just starting level 1 and we are looking forward to taking him through the training process. We would highly recommend Underdog Training and thank Tamara and Stuart for all their help, patience and support!!!
Jane Hodder and Murray Ware - Malvern East
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I would highly recommend Underdog to anyone wanting any level of dog training. Group classes are small enough for everyone to get one on one attention and agility is great fun for you and your dog. However, the training walks are really the gold star for me. I have an anxious and reactive dog and the training walks have been a game changer for him. Rowena goes above and beyond to give him stimulation and variety in his training and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to walk him. She’s also taught me so many great training tips and cares for my dog as if he was her own.
Katy K.
Tamara, This is a thankyou note that is well and truly overdue. You should know that your assessment and remediation of Alli did it in ONE shot! I sense reprogramming our behaviour made a big difference. I still can't believe the transformation you made in Alli's behaviour by the next day! Alli has been a new girl on her lead. There's no pulling and it's true to say that both family and dog are enjoying the outdoors. There's no more whining as to who takes Alli for a walk these days. The whole family really appreciated your help, and most importantly, your astute insights. Next step will be to take Alli off her lead but as you indicated, let's take one step at a time. Many thanks
Stephen, Terri, Lauren, Ashleigh - Surrey Hills
Brilliant experience with Rowena and our little Welshie Annie. Rowena got everyone involved and tailored the sessions to exactly what we needed and sent comprehensive follow-up notes. The most valuable thing has really been how we’ve been trained as trainers. Whilst we’ll definitely follow up with more formal sessions, we’re armed with all we need to make a great impact and we’re seeing fantastic progress already (sit, wait, come, toilet, give, loose lead, all at 13 weeks). Thanks Rowena!!!!
Al Kenvyn
We just want to thank you both for all your help with training Archie. Archie is our wonderful sheltie who has brought so much pleasure to us and in general is a very good and clever dog (too clever sometimes!!) but we had one major problem with him, he reacts to cars, he is a very good passenger, but take him out for a walk and he wants to chase every car he sees and is out of control with 'prey drive' this might not sound too much of a problem, but part of the reason for getting a dog was to be able to go out for walks, it had got to the stage of only being able to drive Archie to the park and letting him get his exercise there. We had tried several trainers who made suggestions but didn't follow through when they didn't work. Enter Tamara, Archie sensed in a moment that Tamara would stand no nonsense and with her he behaved perfectly every time, but back with us he returned to reacting again, but Tamara didn't give up, and eventually with lots of help and copious amounts of patience we got there, and we can now happily take Archie for walks. I have never seen trainers so dedicated to their work, I can highly recommend both Tamara and Stuart, first impressions count and I only had to look at their own dogs to see what is achievable and they are both willing to help you get there.
Jill & Richard
I was recommended Tamara and Underdog Training in 2012 when we first got Archie. Underdog have trained him over the last 10 years. He attended obedience classes in Hawthorn and later went on to agility classes with Tamara which we both enjoyed. We have also had private training at home and out walking in busy areas that addressed the problem of Archie being too social! During COVID I also signed up to the website to access the videos and lessons but particularly enrichment activities. These were so helpful in keeping him entertained as he was used to walking twice a day. Tamara has also trained Archie in how to behave and play safely with children. This has meant so much to my family, particularly my 2 year old granddaughter who has a very positive loving bond with Archie. I cannot recommend Underdog Training enough- in fact I do recommend them to every new dog owner that I meet. Alison McKendrick
Alison M
I would like to thank Tamara from Underdog Training for her expert assistance with my dog Arthur. Arthur is a two year old Maltese X Poodle and we had tried to attend group obedience lessons starting from when he was 10 weeks old however with Arthur's lack of concentration and my shift work it became increasingly difficult to attend much less achieve the desired results. Attending a group class was good in theory but Arthur was more interested in chewing the leaves off the ground which was embarrassing and made worse when the instructors pointed out to the group that it was my fault that my dog wasn't picking up the skills being taught. So, I was made to feel like a bad dog owner but I definitely felt that the group approach was not getting through to Arthur and it was difficult to get the instructors attention if you needed some additional assistance. This year I made the decision to seek some assistance for Arthur who had developed some naughty behaviour like jumping all over the furniture and on visitors, hiding under the bed, not coming when called and pulling on the lead when walking. After a search on Google I found Underdog and Tamara. I found Tamara to be friendly, professional and non judgmental. It was great to hear that it was ok to spoil your dog and Arthur seemed to love her. Arthur turned out to be quite intelligent and responded quickly to the training sessions which were tailored to suit his personality and learning abilities, and were conducted in my house, outside the house and down at a local park. Arthur no longer hides under the bed, he sleeps in his new crate (which he loves) and he is able to walk properly on a lead without pulling and it is now a pleasure to take him out in public. Arthur is still spoiled from time to time and is still a cheeky dog occasionally however now I feel like I have the proper control over him and we could even attend some additional group training sessions, especially since Arthur knows all the basics. I would recommend these training sessions to anyone. Thanks very much
Rowena has been fantastic in helping us train our adopted greyhound, Aurora. Each lesson has been super helpful in understanding our dog’s needs and how to overcome all things from being over excited to anxious. Rowena is very knowledgeable and has advice in every question we’ve had about Aurora.
Reema Chakravarty
Hi Tamara, I wanted to say thank you for the advice and methods you gave us in our training sessions with Beau, Ernie and Gypsie. Our baby Harvey (of the human variety!) has fitted into the family with no problems at all. The dogs are so much happier and we are stress free when it comes to juggling the baby and the dogs as they have adjusted so well. I am only just beginning to realise how smart Beau is, and we are both enjoying learning tricks and targeting. He picks up on things so quickly - but I never realised his potential before you pointed it out to me! At the moment we are introducing a new trick or command about twice a week! He walks beautify with the pram and is so careful around Harvey it is just lovely. This is a picture of a normal morning in our house now thanks to you.
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Tamara and her team at Underdog Training are absolute super stars. My beautiful border collie Billie also agrees. They are so understanding, flexible and talented - true dog whispers. They go above and beyond at every session to ensure not only your dog understands what is being asked of them but more importantly help you understand how you should be asking. I have already recommended the team to everyone, especially when they say "your dog is so well behaved.”
Kirsten M.
Tamara has worked with Bonnie and myself for a little while now and although Bonnie will never be your unquestionably obedient dog, we have learnt how to manage her behaviour and we are now able to enjoy our walks together rather than the previous dread of being towed along in hot pursuit of another dog. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone with a doggie behaviour problem. They are fantastic to talk to and they have a real connection and understanding of dogs - even dogs like our Bon. I've learnt not every dog is suited to group training - one on one with Tamara and Georgie has been so much more helpful. I also highly recommend their agility workshops - Bonnie and I loved it.
I would thoroughly recommend underdog training to all puppy owners out there - it was a great opportunity for both my puppy (Boseley) and I to learn the crucial elements of basic training and the classes were fun and a good opportunity to meet other puppy owners. I felt that Boseley improved immensely with Tamara's expert advice and support by the end of 4 weeks of puppy school Boslely can sit and drop on command and is walking on the leash!! I was so impressed that I am enrolling for the second stage of training classes and Boseley and I can't wait! I wanted thank you both so much for such a fantastic result from the group training class that my puppy Boseley and I recently attended. I was thrilled with Boseley's progress in the group classes and really amazed at how much my little puppy learnt in just 4 weeks !! The classes were fun but also very informative and gave the the right tools to take home and practice. I also felt that my handling skills improved and now we enjoy loose lead walking - he is even starting to heel, he can sit stay and drop stay. For a puppy that is not even 5 months of age as yet - this is impressive and I am looking forward to continuing with further training when he is a little older. Tamara was lovely and made the training classes simple but effective. She also was on hand to answer any of our questions and often gave time before and after the class to answer specific queries. I would highly recommend Underdog Training to all dog owners you will not be disappointed.
Zoe - South Melbourne
Bumblebee, our active and crazy 4 month old Beagle was taking us for walks, dragging us to anywhere she wanted to go. She jumped onto people, especially around feeding times. That was before she went for a 3 week training with Underdog Training. Initially, we weren't exactly sure what could be achieved in 3 weeks. After all, Beagles are well known for their stubbornness and active wandering minds triggered by their high sense of smell. At her young age, anything could happen. It's amazing the transformation which took place in 3 short weeks! Bumblebee's first parade was simply flawless; walking calmly at the training ground. She sat and dropped on command, and remained so when the trainer walked away. She stayed in position even when things were kicked around trying to distract her! She sat for her food and came when called upon. They even managed to teach her to shake our hands, which was our special request! Bumblebee continued to perform well at home. She walks and runs well with every member of the family. Even though she is still her crazy self, we are now walking her instead. The money spent on her training is the best 'purchase' we had ever made! The follow-up at home a week or so after her initial training helped tremendously and exemplified the love and care Underdog Training puts into their work. We have no hesitation in recommending Underdog Training to anyone. We simply can't thank Under Training enough for making Bumblebee so much more lovable and enjoyable! Thank you.
Auralia Hua
Claude and Zora
When I first met Tamara I was amazed at her knowledge of dog psychology. Everything she was saying made so much sense yet had never occurred to me, and all the time I had been doing everything backward! I have done training for both of my dogs with Tamara and Stuart and it has not only made my dogs much better behaved, but I also found it was a great bonding experience and it was so much fun for all of us. I looked forward to Saturday mornings just as much as my dogs did!!! I would highly recommend Underdog to anyone looking at training their dog. I learnt more in one lesson with Tamara than I thought possible and now everything is so much easier, from simply walking them without them pulling my arms off, them coming back to me reliably so we can have fun times at the park or beach, and also stays which are invaluable for so many situations. Thanks so much guys!
Charlie & Jordan
I am extremely happy to have found Underdog. Firstly, because for the first time since the problem with my two male (desexed) dogs began, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel and secondly because they're very nice people. The problem started when Jordan (10 ½ years old) had an operation on both back legs. While he was recovering he started to constantly attack Charlie, who is now 4 years old, even stalking him to fight him. I was frantic and called the vet who suggested putting soft muzzles on them. I tried this for less than 24 hours then sought help from a top animal behaviourist. We tried the behaviourist's strategies for months but they didn't help and the dogs have been separated by baby fences ever since. The two dogs can never be let together, if they do accidentally get together, they are straight into a fight. It is a very difficult situation. Before all this happened, they adored each other, one not wanting to go anywhere without the other. A few weeks ago I got in touch with Tamara and she and Stuart both came on the first visit to check out the situation. Even on this first visit, they actually had the two dogs walking near each other on leads and sitting in the same room with us. That was a great accomplishment and a relief to see. Since then, Jordan, Charlie and I have been working with Tamara once a week. I am being trained to control the situation and we are starting to make some headway. I am absolutely amazed at how Tamara handles it all and at last I can see light and have lots of hope that the day will come that we will be able to take the fences down.
Norelle & Ian
Our dog Coco at 9 months was the size of a pony and loved to jump on people and bark when the attention was not on her. After an hour session with Tamara, Coco was the best behaved dog. We learnt some very easy but important tips on how to deal with Coco and how to implement them. Best money ever spent... Thanks so much
We first learned of Underdog Training when we got our second labrador, Daisy. The training school we attended with our first lab, Barclay, had closed down and we were trying to find a puppy school that had similar methods but would mostly allow us to focus on socialisation - we wanted to do the formal training ourselves rather than changing what we had learned with our first dog. After a couple of emails with Underdog we were pleased with how flexible they were and enrolled in puppy school. About halfway through our first class we had completely changed our mind about doing the training ourselves. As we listened to Tamara's explanations of the puppies' behaviour, how they learn and their phases of development, the reasoning behind training methods started to make so much more sense. Rather than going in blind and following rules to train our dogs that didn't always make sense to us and not understanding why, the logic behind the training started to develop. After puppy school was finished we enrolled both our dogs in Level One training and were once again very impressed - they both made so much progress because we understood how to train them so much better. This was especially helpful in dealing with the temperaments of such different dogs, one being so boisterous, easily distracted and constantly pushing boundaries and the other so soft, gentle and very easily intimidated. They require very different handling and Underdog was able to show us how to train them to each of their temperaments, giving us insight into each dog's behaviour. Level One classes were especially helpful for us with Barclay. Before, we felt that it was unlikely we would ever be able to let him off lead at a park and hurried him outside whenever guests arrived. Because of his high level of distractibility and extreme love of people he would run full pelt at anyone he saw and jump up with excitement. Being a big black dog this was quite frightening for people and we soon learned to keep him under close guard around strangers. Now, he's not perfect (yet), but he's a hundred times better. He's stopped jumping and is much more responsive off lead. We have now gone through two Level One classes and one Level Two class and still thoroughly enjoy each lesson. We both feel confident we can handle any issues the dogs may throw at us, and know that Underdog are always available after class or via email to give advice about any and all questions or concerns. Daisy and Barclay are happy, mentally stimulated, well mannered dogs that we really enjoy having as a part of our lives. We plan to continue with training and get them both to a higher level but the progress we have all made so far and the fun we have had is astounding and we would (and do) very highly recommend Underdog training to any dog owner.
When we adopted Doza she was a cute, sleepy little bear of a dog. After one day she realized that she would be able to rule her new family in a manner similar to Kublah Khan, and did. She bit everything that moved and everything that didn't move, she terrorized our other dog to the point where it tried to call A Current Affair, (I got the phone off her before she got through). The vet nurse suggested Tamara or an elephant gun, and the rest as they say is history. We learnt that her bad behaviour was due to us, and therefore, could be fixed using common sense and consistency. Most of the time we love Doza, she needs some more sessions with Tamara, at least we do. If you have a dog with quirks, you have to address it, Tamara gives you the skills and the confidence.
Lee & Jeremy
Underdog training has helped us to transform our Spaniel x Labrador Em to the best behaved dog we have ever had. Before we started with Underdog, Em would drag us down the street, moving from one smell to the next while totally ignoring our commands. We were reluctant to take her to areas with other dogs or people as we knew comments such as 'can't you control your dog' were soon to follow. Today however we have a dog that can move freely without her lead and return promptly to our side with a simple command. She walks down the street on a loose lead and will drop to the ground on our direction. All this was due to the fantastic efforts of Underdog Training, their approach was enjoyable for Em and involved training us as much as her. We were surprised how little time it took with Underdogs methods to bring about such a transformation. We can highly recommend their professional approach and methods to anyone looking to train their dog with lasting effect. Thanks for all your efforts
Neville, Angie, Sam, Connor, Jack
Hi Tamara Just a quick note to say a big thank you for all that you have helped me achieve with Harvey. I couldn't have chosen a better puppy school to take Harvey to. Unlike many puppy schools where you get 4 weeks of someone spruiking the benefits of premium brand pet foods, you honestly have the best, long term interests of our puppy at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend Underdog to anyone looking for a training service that truly goes above and beyond. Its astounding how intuitive you are and how quickly you worked Harvey out. He responds so well to you, it's like he knows he has to be on his best behaviour when you're around! Harvey & I have really enjoyed participating in the Level 1 Group Classes and we look forward to continuing our training with you.
We started Harvey off at Puppy pre-school with Tamara and have been continuing through to level one obedience. Being complete novices as dog owners, we knew that we needed to learn how to handle and train our puppy to be a well behaved and socialized dog. We knew straight away that Tamara was going to be able to help us. Her own dogs' behaviour are a testament to her abilities as a trainer. After our first 8 weeks of training, we have seen an amazing improvement in our little Harvey. More importantly, we as a family have learnt how to handle him on a walk, to supervise his play with other dogs, to get him to drop or sit and stay with distractions, to come when called and he is starting to learn how to heel. We feel that each of these are essential skills for all dog owners. Thanks Tamara! Kind regards
Tania, Jim, Will and Sam
I would like to publicly acknowledge Tamara's dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm to their clients both four legged and 2 legged. We have a 9month old Belgian Shepherd puppy who began private lessons with Tamara at 12weeks old. Tamara was able to assess our puppy's temperament and advise us clearly about how to achieve our goals. We have attended group lessons as well. Holly (our dog) is growing up to be a delightful and well behaved family member thanks to the emphasis on practical everyday situations in Underdog's Training. We are constantly complimented on Holly's 'good' behaviour and manners in public. Most importantly perhaps Tamara was able to train me to teach my dog! They are able to establish an excellent rapport with both dogs and humans. We continue to attend group lessons with Underdog and have started training at an Obedience club where we were put into the top class, (with a view to participating in competitive obedience and agility.) People were amazed that Holly was only 9 months old. We have recommended Underdog to family, friends and clients and will continue to do so. Thank you Tamara for all the fun!
Hugo the pug started at puppy school with Underdog Training as a 10 week old puppy and since then he hasn't looked back. What we thought would be a big handful with a crazy pug has been an absolute joy and pleasure with the help of Tamara and her expert and friendly training techniques. Hugo has graduated from puppy school and basic obedience training and has even learnt some tricks along the way. Hugo is now 9 months old, well socialised and a well behaved puppy. We can't thank Tamara enough for all her dog training and education of us on how to get the most out of Hugo. She always understood the level he was at and encouraged him to progress steadily. Having such a friendly person like Tamara, help train Hugo always made it such an enjoyable experience for all of us. Once again, thanks heaps Tamara, and we will always be recommending you to our friends.
Fiona & Nick - St Kilda
We were at our wits end and felt we were out of options until we contacted Tamara from Underdog training. With a highly driven German Shepherd that was reactive to other dogs and cars, leaving our home let alone taking him for a walk became impossible. From the first phone call with Tamara we felt that she understood the kind of dog Hugo was and were confident that she had the skills and knowledge to get us on the right track. From not being able to leave our front yard without an explosive & uncontrollable reaction to even the smallest trigger we have been able to comfortably walk Hugo down Main Street in Mordialloc and even take him with us on a two week beach camping trip in QLD which we never thought would be possible. Hugo’s obedience skills went from unreliable in the best of situations to being able to maintain a commanded position even with triggers present. Tamara has always been upfront and genuine and has never sugar-coated her advice to us or the expectations that we should have for Hugo’s training. This is one of the many reasons why we love training with her. The progress that Hugo has made is a testament to Tamara’s abilities and understanding of what type of training suits each individual dog. We can’t recommend Tamara enough to anyone looking to train their dog especially those who are experiencing behavioural issues, genuinely life changing !
Lindsay and Daniel
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Tamara at Underdog Training was a wonderful instructor, helping us understand our new puppy’s needs and how to manage alone time, jumping, lose lead walking and so much more. Her knowledge with dog training is immense and she was so patient with us and our pup. As our dog grows and changes we will certainly turn to Tamara for advice and further training if needed. We highly recommend Underdog Training.
Karen and Michael
Jack & Ginger
Dear Tamara, Thank you so much for the four sessions you spent with Jack and Ginger, my dachshund puppies. I'm not exactly sure who learned more, them or me. But I suspect it may have been me. I do know that I am a lot more confident with their training now. It was great that we were able to do the training in the puppies' own home. For you to see them in their home environment, and tailor your instructions during the on-on-one sessions to specifically meet their needs, was a great bonus. I really appreciated the patience you showed when explaining and demonstrating different techniques - and, at all times your instructions and feedback were logical and very clear. You offer an excellent program and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wanting to get their puppy on the right track. Many thanks
Greg Morris
Jet & Jazz
Tamara, We would like to thank you for showing us how much fun agility classes can be. I was always under the impression that these kind of classes were the domain of the really serious dog handler - but today's workshop has changed my mind. I am really looking forward to bringing Jet and Jaz to classes next month, and I think secretly Ian is looking forward to it too. I know that Jet and Jaz had a ball as they are totally exhausted and have slept peacefully all afternoon, and I must admit that Ian and I have had a dognap as well. Thanks once again for a fun morning!
Norelle & Ian
I highly recommend underdog training. Kobe absolutely loves his training walks with Rowena. He’s learning so much and has so much fun at the same time. Rowena is amazing, she has bonded so well with Kobe and I’m sure he would love her to come every day. I originally started with underdog for training walks when I was unable to walk Kobe myself due to surgery but have continued weekly because he loves it so much. Rowena always makes the training sessions so much fun, doing everything from scent work to agility and has unlocked many of Kobe’s hidden talents! Rowena is wonderful, very knowledgeable and always positive, we couldn’t be happier with how she trains Kobe.
Danielle J.
On a recommendation, we contacted Underdog to help with our golden retriever Leni, who had become very reactive on the lead. We have now used their services for private training, group classes and ongoing training walks. Leni's behaviour has improved enormously since starting with Underdog. She has become far less reactive on the lead, does not pull at all and is much calmer when meeting other dogs. We have dealt with a number of trainers at Underdog and all have been excellent. For the past 2 years Leni's training walks have been with Stewart Little. The arrival of Stewart on the doorstep is the highlight of Leni's week! He has a great combination of gentleness and discipline, and his skills make Leni feel safe and in control. He is constantly reinforcing training techniques with us and our whole family has learned so much over the years. Stewart is always on time and communication from the Underdog team in general is excellent. I highly recommend this company to dog owners.
Janine F.
Leo, Kiewa, Howqua & JimJim
We hired Underdog to work with our dog Leo who we had adopted from a shelter when he was six months old. He was an incredibly beautiful Ridge Back Cross however he had huge social and anxiety issues especially when he was around other dogs. Tamara educated us about how to implement some fantastic techniques and strategies to help us understand and assist Leo in dealing with his issues, and improve his quality of life so dramatically. Tamara is incredibly passionate about dogs and getting the best possible outcome through training sessions. Since the passing of our beautiful Leo we have working continuously with Underdog with our three gorgeous Great Danes, Kiewa, Howqua & JimJim from puppy pre-school through to level two obedience and some agility as well! Tamara has shown the same dedication and enthusiasm working with our giant babies as with any other dogs they work with, which has been very refreshing for us, and ensured that we have been able to get the best from our dogs and can enjoy them as beautiful companions and beloved members of our family.
Nicole and Anthony van Rompaey
Lexie & Astro
On the two occasions that we have needed the help of dog trainers, we have called on the help of Tamara and Stuart. The first occasion was nearly two years ago, when we brought home a new puppy, Lexie. Unfortunately, Lexie had issues with strangers, and we needed guidance as to how to recify the situation. Tamara helped us so much- her patience and caring nature towards animals ( and people!) certainly shone through. Each week at obedience classes, Tamara would set aside time for Lexie alone. After 12 months of commitment and perseverance, both Tamara and Stuart were both able to gain Lexies trust- something no one else outside the family could achieve. Lexie felt totally comfortable with Tamara and Stuart and was much more tolerant with the rest of the world also! We were thrilled. Second occasion, we decided to get a puppy playmate for Lex. Tamara and Stuart thought carefully about the perfect playmate- keeping in mind we couldn't distract from Lexie, as she was a big focus in our lives. Tamara and Stuart sourced a dog Astro, introduced him to our family and Lexie and the rest is history! Have to say it has worked out perfectly. You guys certainly have the 'perfect match' system well worked out! Thanks a million
The Shields Family
Thank you so much for the enormous help you have been to our whole family. Your kindness and caring towards Lucy has enabled me to understand so much of her behaviour and how to change undesirable habits. I have realised that you are not actually training Lucy but training me and the knowledge you have imparted has been invaluable. Although I am a psychologist I did not know that dog behaviour needs to be treated very differently from human behaviour. Lucy is now a very happy, carefree dog who has the ability to interact with other dogs and humans (and pigs). Attached is a picture of Lucy with her best friend Barry.
Hi Tamara, Thanks for your efforts over the last few weeks. Lucy has certainly taken well to her training and is very appreciative of her 'Most Improved' award. We found the training course excellent and very rewarding. The way the course is structured is great, especially with the 1hr 1 on 1 session being very worthwhile and a good way for you to asses the dog's skills and how she would fit into the class and for us in teaching Lucy some basics so she is prepared for the course. In 4 weeks Lucy has improved dramatically in how she walks and behaves overall. As I mentioned Lucy got out during the week and Andrea noticed her down the road when she was driving home and the amazing thing was that Lucy came when she was called.....for a beagle that is an amazing feat. Stuart you made training look very simple and it works. Over all a great training course guys, well done. Thank you
Godfrey & Andrea
Hi Tamara, I want to express my appreciation for your work with Madeline, our little cross Shi Tzu Maltese. Your manner and techniques are very professional, firm, and yet you obviously have great affection for the dog. I could see that in the way that she accepted you into the house at each visit. She now is very well mannered when visitors come to the front door, no more barking and jumping over people. She obeys my commands which you taught. Furthermore you explained in a simple yet effective way how to make changes in the way I behave towards her, so that I gain more control over situations. The work which you did in socializing her with your two dogs, Otto and Jess, has made taking her to the shopping strip a pleasure and a source of pride as I walk down the street with my well behaved pet. My walks with her have improved out of sight, so that now I can enjoy the time we spend, without worrying all the way about her running off and being uncontrollable. I look forward to continuing the training in the near future, so that she remains a perfect little companion pet. I have been mentioning Underdog Training to my friends who have dogs, some of which are in need of your valuable input.
We would just like to thank you for all your assistance with training Max, our three year old blue heeler. Both Jules and myself have both benefited greatly from the one on one training each week, over the four week period. We gained more knowledge about effective practical training methods with you in this short time than we ever learnt previously at larger dog obedience schools. Life for Max is alot easier now that we can communicate with him in a way that he understands and we feel comfortable and confident that we can take him anywhere with us and that we are in control. We enjoyed your training methods and your personal touch so much that we look forward to calling on you again for When Freddy Meets Fido training when the time arises. Keep up the good work and thankyou again.
Simon & Jules
I want you to know what an amazing effect your training has had on Molly. Since the puppy preschool and then onto 'Grade 1', I think that she has learnt as much as I have. I never realised dog training is more about teaching me how to handle a dog- I work harder at Dog Training than she does! There is still work to be done, but we are both having a lot of fun learning new stuff and our daily training sessions. I knew she was good, but I took her to a friends house on the weekend for a BBQ, and everyone there had dogs of their own. They were so impressed with how good she was even with food around- very impressive for a Lab puppy! Thankyou so much, I really enjoy the training sessions and I know Molly does too- look forward to the next course. I will continue to recommend your services to others who want their dog to be better behaved, and want to have more fun with their dogs.
Rich & Nat - Caulfield North
We have a Deer hound X called Molly who my family and I adopted from AAPS in April Last year. She was 7-8 months old and a huge bouncy girl, who we could not wait to take home. Excitement turned to 'oh my gosh' as we worried how to introduce the new member to our existing cats. It was then that I contacted Underdog Training, who were very patient and understanding. After speaking a length with Tamara we decided to do a week of boarding and training before we got Molly home. After a week we were dying to see how Molly went and to finally bring her home. It was a miracle. Tamara worked with her every day and she could sit, drop and walk on a loose lead with no pulling (a BIG difference) and most of all had been socialised with cats. We were thrilled. We then completed the training offered by Underdog at the AAPS, and went on to level one classes with Underdog. I was devastated when at the end of the first round of classes when my big girl did not pass!!!!! But she did win most improved dog (a proud day for us. really). We went back to level one classes and second time round we graduated. We love going to training and see constant improvement in our dog and our selves, yes training is more about the owner than the dog at times. We have had private training in conjunction and between group training which is invaluable. Other fun stuff is the agility workshops (really funny with a leggy uncoordinated dog) as well as level 2 classes in St Kilda and on the beach. Training is always fun and Molly just loves going. It's a lot of work but so worthwhile, we have come along in leaps and clumsy bounds. Oh and it's great when family and friends comment on how 'good' your dog is, Thanks a million Underdog Training, you guys are the best and have certainly helped us REALLY enjoy our Miss Molly.
Monty & Jess
We are very happy with the help you provided with the When Freddy meets Fido training and are only too happy to recommend it. I am sure we are not perfect at implementing everything you told us but we are certainly more comfortable, and vigilant, with the interactions between Sean, Monty & Jess. These crates were a great idea and well worth the investment as they have, as you said they would, provided a safe haven for the dogs and peace of mind for us knowing we can put the dogs in them and be sure Sean is safe. They are quite happy to be in them and now use them as their regular spot to rest, quite often going in them of their own accord. The toy training also worked as they leave Sean's alone and only play with theirs. We have also tried to ensure any interactions with Sean are positive and regularly go for walks with them on lead and Sean in a pusher. We also still walk them regularly on their own and still allow them inside the house at night to be part of the family with the 'no jumping' etc restrictions. The instruction you gave us has certainly helped reduce our anxiety and gone a long way to ensuring all members of our family enjoy living and playing together.
Jen, Stuart and Sean
Underdog training has been amazing for my GSP. It has helped give me the tools & knowledge to train him, he improves everyday. Olivia one of the trainers is amazing, extremely helpful & experienced. Always willing to answer questions & stay back after classes if you need more help!
Michaela P.
Thank you for so much for the great work you did with Odin. I amazed and the massive turnaround and so quickly in only a couple of sessions. He is an absolute pleasure to walk now and I am proud to show his new manners to the general public. There is no more jumping around, pulling, chasing anything that moves, especially cats. I can now walk Odin - rather than the other way around! He listens more and whenever he needs a slight correction, albeit rare, he quickly remembers what he needs to do. Thanks again.
Thanks once again for all your time and effort at puppy school in training Oscar the Boston Terrier. After searching the web and asking around I came across Underdog Training and I must say it was one of my best discoveries. Oscar graduated puppy school at 12 weeks of age and hasn't looked back ever since. I was amazed once taught some simple techniques how quickly Oscar was able to progress with his training. From constantly pulling on the lead he is now a joy to take walking both on and off the lead. He still has lots of energy and loves chasing the Frisbee, getting it off him well that's still a work in progress but most of all loves the beach and interacting with other dogs. All the dog socialisation gained in puppy classes has made a huge difference and he is definitely a much more balanced puppy and a joy to take outside. Your approach at encouraging Oscar step by step I can't thank you enough and I'm definitely now reaping the rewards!
Hi Tamara, Ash and I wanted to say a huge thank you for assisting us in the training of our 13-week old French Bulldog, Ralph.I am sure he will miss his weekly visits to petstock to play with the other puppies. Your knowledge and patience has been much appreciated over the past 4 weeks and we now confident in training our puppy ourselves. Thanks again
Kelly & Ash
Since Underdog trained Reggie, we have had to become used to the number of people stopping to compliment us on our dog's good behaviour. Reggie was a very excitable, easily distracted, devastatingly handsome two year old bull mastiff cross who was adorable but very wilful. We were beyond the point of despair with his behaviour and were saved by a one-on-one session with Underdog, who showed us that Reggie could be the dog we wanted him to be. That session led to us signing up for level one group training. To our delight, Reggie passed through first time and was awarded most improved dog. We followed up with level two training where Tamara wrapped Reggie around her little finger. We have all benefited from the training. Now Reggie can be taken along Chapel St for a walk, will stay in a drop outside the shops and will lie quietly at our feet when we stop at a café. Exactly what we hoped we'd be able to do with our pup. We regularly recommend Underdog to friends and other dog owners. Make sure you have their business cards with you when you're in the park - you never know when you'll meet someone who could do with the help of Underdog.
Carl & Jo
We want to thank you for the all the professional advice and training you have provided Roxy the Chocolate Lab (and ourselves) over the past 15 months. We have used a range of Underdog services since Roxy was 12 weeks old, including puppy school, private lessons, board and train (very effective), group obedience training (levels 1 and 2), 'When Freddy Meets Fido' (extremely useful) and your most recent service, 'Walk and Train'. We have found all your services to be extremely effective, especially coupled with discipline (ours) and practice (Roxy's). Your teaching style and advice has always been professional and sound. There is no doubt that you both love what you do and do it well - you certainly have a massive fan in Roxy and advocates in us. We look forward to working with Underdog more in the future as Roxy matures into a well trained, serene Labrador ... Thanks again
Dan & Yolande
Soda is a very active and excitable Kelpie Ridgeback, she has very nice nature but also has a very strong will to do what she wants, when she wants. We have had her since she was a pup and one of the first things we did was to take her to puppy training classes with Underdog Training. These classes helped us to understand her behaviour (and ours), the need for her to socialise with other dogs, and also showed us how to introduce some basic commands (sit, drop etc.). Overall the training really helped with calming her down during the boisterous puppy stage. As Soda responded so well to the puppy training we decided to take her to Level 1 training. This really helped with loose lead walking, dealing with distractions (Soda is very easily distracted), and some higher level commands. Although she didn't pass on her first attempt we intend to persevere as the training has helped with walking in public and her behaviour around other dogs. As you can see we are very happy with the training provided by Underdog training and would recommend it to anyone with a canine member of the family.
Michael Elms
Tully & Indie
The training, skills and knowledge that Tamara has provided us with has been invaluable. Walking on a loose lead, not jumping on strangers to say hello, dropping, walking through busy shopping centres and sitting at cafes are just a few of the skills Tamara has taught Tully & Indie. Not only have Sean & I enjoyed learning how to teach Tully and Indie and watch them learn and get better, but Tul's and Ind's have certainly enjoyed the challenge and get very excited when Tamara arrives for class. We are very proud of how far they have come in such a short time span, and we owe that to Tamara who certainly knows her stuff! We look forward to continuing the training with Tamara and group classes later this year. Thanks again Tamara!
Louise & Sean
We were really having trouble controlling Wally when we went to the park and spent most of our time chasing him around the park because he found other things more interesting than us. Tamara worked with us for eight sessions and the improvement in Wally and us was amazing. Wally is now a pleasure to take to the park and will come to us when we call him. He has now gone from strength to strength because Tamara not only trained Wally but she trained us as well J. We are so thankful to Tamara and the help you gave us to ensure that Wally understands that we are the boss!
Belinda and Daniel

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