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Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training in Melbourne
Private Dog Training in Melbourne

Melbourne Private Dog Obedience Training

Underdog are pleased to offer obedience sessions tailored to the individual dog and owner. Private training is advantageous in that it allows us to individually assess your dog and tailor both the content of the session and the training techniques to you and your dog.

No two dogs are the same so the training techniques we use need to be tailored to suit the dog’s personality and temperament. We also find that group training can be overwhelming for some dogs and owners, particularly if the dog is stressed by other dogs. When a dog is stressed or worried, their ability to learn is compromised and the training is not as effective as what we would like. Once you and your dog understand the training concepts, group classes can be the final frontier for the extra distraction and socialisation.

Whether you’re having problems with your dog pulling on the lead, jumping on visitors or would just like to teach them sit and drop our one hour sessions are for you. We also cater for those of you who require advanced obedience skills – enabling you to enjoy off lead parks, lunch in Acland Street or holidays with your four legged friends. 

Behaviour Problem Solving

Underdog Training & Behaviour Consulting can assist you with more serious problems with in house behavioural consultations. Many dogs and owners experience these problems so please don’t think you’re the only one!

We specialise in tailoring practical solutions that address the cause of the behaviour problems as well as the symptoms. It’s never too late to start training- for you or your dog! Working within your home helps to minimize the stress and maximize learning and allows us to accurately assess and diagnose the problem itself. Underdog can assist you with behaviour problems including but not limited to:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Behaviour
  • Fear and Timidity
  • Aggression to people
  • Aggression to other dogs
  • Aggression between animals in the home
  • Dog to dog excitability
  • Hyper activity
  • Fence Jumping
  • Obsessive behaviours (tail chasing etc)
Logan & Skylar - Underdog Dog Training
Logan & Skylar - Underdog Dog Training

COVID-19 Update:

As Melbourne moves through an easing of restrictions, we are permitted to operate many of our services in a limited capacity. We encourage you  to enquire about training for your dog but ask for your patience as we work through our waitlists and set new dates for classes. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your dog as soon as we are able to.

Our Critical Period Package for PUPPIES is currently available, please visit the page: Puppy Training Critical Period Package