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Melbourne Dog Training Services

Dog Behaviour Consultations

In-house behaviour consultations for dogs with more serious issues such as fear, aggression, destructive behaviour or excessive excitability.

Group Dog Training

Group dog training classes run in 4 week blocks to maximise energy and interest levels in both dog and owner. Classes cover basic sit/drop/stay commands, as well as various skills and exercises.

Private Dog Training

Obedience sessions tailored to the individual dog and owner. If your dog is pulling on the lead, jumping on visitors or you would just like to teach them sit and drop, our one hour sessions are for you.

Puppy Pre School

Early socialisation allows you to get the very best out of your pups personality and combat any problems so that they are not ongoing (such as mouthing, toileting etc.) 

Other dog training services:


These sessions are for anyone wanting to add a dog to their family. This program includes a 1 hour private session for you and your family, AND two independent assessments of dogs or puppies that you are interested in.

Dog Training Walks

Training Walks allow an Underdog trainer to come to your home during the day and take your dog out for a one on one session. These sessions combine the best of both worlds- physical exercise to tire your dogs body and obedience training to tire your dogs brain!

When Freddy Meets Fido

Are you extending your family in the near future? Ensure a smooth transition when you bring home your new baby. These sessions have been designed to educate prospective parents on the do’s and dont’s of children and dogs.

Food for Thought (Dog Enrichment)

Enriching the Lives of Companion Dogs. These sessions are helpful for dogs that are active or left alone for periods of time during the day. "Food for Thought" provides a great variety of environmental enrichment activities you can try with your dog.

Dog Agility Courses

These agility courses are suitable for any dog and owner (provided your dog is physically sound). We cover items such as agility handling skills, jumps, tunnels, obstacles and much more.