Dogs have always been part of Rod’s life. As long as he can remember the family owned one sort of working dog or another. Usually with Kelpie or Border Collie breeds in them. An enduring love of dogs stemmed from this association, but it also made Rod very aware of the challenges high activity and high drive dogs can produce for families and how such challenges can impact family lifestyles.

As an adult Rod spent many years working in the IT industry but as a hobby Rod trained his own dogs in Obedience and Agility disciplines. He became an instructor at a local dog club and formalized his learning by doing the NDTF Cert 3 course in Dog Behaviour and Training course in mid 2018. After graduating from this course Rod joined Underdog and having previously been a client he was very excited when the opportunity to become part of the team arose. Since then Rod has enjoyed working with both clients and their dogs to enhance their relationships.