Is Your Dog Home Alone?

Modern dogs spend more time on their own than ever before.
Separation Anxiety, Boredom and Destructive behaviour are all on the rise and often we can do little to change the structure of our world to increase the number of hours spent with our canine friends. So what can you do to ensure your dog is content until you return?

1. Enrich the Environment- What is there for your dog to do when you’re gone? Do your dogs toys provide interest and activity, even when no one is home to throw them? Use treat dispensing toys, scent tubes, food scatters, scent trails, buried toys, hanging toys, sand pits, ice blocks and frozen treats, and raw vegetables on a rotational basis to ensure your dog’s environment is ever changing. Even playing music or talk back radio in your absence can make a boring or sterile environment more engaging.2. Spend Quality Time- When you are with your dog, what do you do with them? Are you working their brain and body constructively? Whilst just hanging out with a dog or going for a leisurely walk is certainly more beneficial than the dog being alone, there are easy ways to improve the quality of your time together and get more bang for your limited buck! Work both brain and body- searching for hidden treats or toys, fun agility exercises, tug of war, free shaping, training a new trick or obedience skill, puzzle toys and problem solving activities (we love the Nina Ottusson toys) are just a few examples of what’s possible.

3. Break Up Their Day- For most dogs, whole days alone are a challenge. Perhaps you can come home at lunch times or negotiate working from home one day a week- your dog will certainly thank you. For many, this is simply not possible but don’t despair- we can help! Book your dog some one on one quality time full of fun, training challenges and enrichment with Underdog’s Training Walks.

Available Monday- Friday, these sessions are the perfect way to break up your dogs day when you can’t. Our sessions go far beyond just taking your dog for a walk as we incorporate the above into a jam packed 45 minutes. Reduce the risk of behaviour problems developing in your best friend or let us help you deal with pre-existing problems! Book occasionally or regularly- it’s up to you! Discounts are available for regular bookings- email us for details.

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