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Group Dog Training | Melbourne & Surrounds

Whether you’ve just adopted a new pup or you’re looking to teach your adult dog fundamental skills and commands, you’ve come to the right place. At Underdog, we’re your local friendly dog lovers and trainers, providing a range of group dog training courses ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Professional Group Dog Training Courses

If you’re a dedicated dog owner, you’ll know the importance of fostering good behaviour, obedience, confidence, and social skills in your dog. At Underdog, we understand the struggle of juggling daily life whilst ensuring your furry friend receives the training it needs to grow up and become a happy, socialised, and well-behaved dog. Fortunately, our group training classes provide the perfect solution.

With our experienced trainers and results-proven curriculum, your pup will not only learn essential commands and behaviours but also gain the confidence and social skills to thrive in any situation. Not only this, but we also provide you with strategies and techniques you can implement on a daily basis to reinforce your dogs’ learning and ensure long-lasting results.

Our dog training groups are available across Melbourne and are a fun and interactive way for both you and your dog to learn new skills, build confidence and establish an everlasting bond. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to help your furry friends grow up and become happy, confident, and well-behaved companions.

Benefits of Group Dog Training Classes

Welcoming a dog into your life can be very exciting; however, without the proper training and guidance, it can also bring some challenges. This is because training plays a crucial role in establishing a clear owner-dog relationship and ensuring a happy, confident, well-behaved dog who can thrive in various situations.

While private training sessions also have their advantages, there is something uniquely beneficial about enrolling your dog in group dog training classes. These sessions offer more than just basic obedience; they create an environment where dogs and their owners can grow together.

Explore below the primary benefits of enrolling your dog in group training classes:

Our Group Training Courses

At Underdog, we’re passionate about helping every dog reach their full potential through dynamic reinforcement-based dog training. Our group classes are designed to create a fun, interactive learning environment for both you and your dog. From mastering basic obedience to tackling specific behavioural challenges, we offer a range of tailored courses to suit every dog’s needs. Explore our range of group training classes below:

Unleash Your Dog's Potential Today!

If you just adopted a pup and are looking to teach critical new skills, or if you’re having trouble with your adult dog, group training classes may be exactly what you’re after. Our group dog training classes provide a supportive and structured environment for dogs of all ages and breeds to learn, grow, and thrive together while allowing them to establish strong bonds with their owner.

Join the pack of dedicated dog owners today and sign up for our collaborative, interactive group dog training classes hosted throughout Melbourne. For more information about how we can help you and your dog, feel free to contact a member of our friendly team. However, if you’d like to get straight into it, head over to our bookings page and embark on a tail-wagging adventure of training, fun, and adventure today.

COVID-19 Update:

As Melbourne moves through an easing of restrictions, we are permitted to operate many of our services in a limited capacity. We encourage you  to enquire about training for your dog but ask for your patience as we work through our waitlists and set new dates for classes. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your dog as soon as we are able to.

Our Critical Period Package for PUPPIES is currently available, please visit the page: Puppy Training Critical Period Package