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When Freddy Meets Fido

When Freddy Meets Fido - Training for Dogs & Babies
Training for Dogs & Babies

Dogs with Babies and Children

Are you extending your family in the near future? Consider a When Freddy Meets Fido session for a smooth transition when you bring home your new baby.

When Freddy Meets Fido is the first session of its kind that truly looks at preventing problems with dogs and children rather than the common knee jerk reaction after the problem has occured. The private or group consultations are designed to educate prospective parents on the do’s and dont’s of children and dogs. By having a When Freddy Meets Fido session during your pregnancy, you can be sure that you and your four legged friends are prepared for the wonderful arrival of a new family member

The sessions cover topics including but not limited to:

  • Socialisation – dogs that have been exposed to children and those who haven’t.
  • The importance of changing routines, how to change routine before Freddy arrives.
  • Preventing and combating jealousy.
  • The introduction, first day home, the importance of supervision.
  • Identification of behaviours that will present problems with a new baby. Body Language – how dogs and children interact.
  • Baby to toddler to child – the dogs point of view.
  • Setting up appropriate interaction, eg. children walking and feeding dogs – keeping everyone safe
  • Your dog and someone else’s child AND your child and someone else’s dog
  • Understanding your dogs drive and making sure your child does not become a drive object.
  • Teaching your dog to leave the baby’s toys alone and walking next to a pram.
  • How to stimulate your dog mentally for those times when you can’t give them physical exercise they’re used to.
When Freddy Meets Fido - Training for Dogs & Babies
When Freddy Meets Fido - Training for Dogs & Babies

COVID-19 Update:

As Melbourne moves through an easing of restrictions, we are permitted to operate many of our services in a limited capacity. We encourage you  to enquire about training for your dog but ask for your patience as we work through our waitlists and set new dates for classes. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your dog as soon as we are able to.

Our Critical Period Package for PUPPIES is currently available, please visit the page: Puppy Training Critical Period Package