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Dog Training Walks in Melbourne

Daisy the Dog
Daisy on a Dog Training Walk in Melbourne

Do you work full time? Not have the time to walk your dog daily? Does your dog need a little extra training or stimulation? Does your dog dig, chew or bark during the day?

Training Walks allow an Underdog trainer to come to your home during the day and take your dog out for a one on one session. These sessions last for approximately 45 minutes depending on your dogs needs and combine the best of both worlds- physical exercise to tire your dogs body and obedience training to tire your dogs brain!

Training walks can be provided on a regular basis or you can book training walks casually- when you go away for work, have busy periods during the year or perhaps have an injury or illness that prevents you from providing for your dog like you normally would.

While we may walk 2 dogs from the same family together, you can rest assured that the Underdog trainer who comes to your home will not have strange dogs to go for a walk with yours. If you only have one dog and would like socialisation with other dogs to be part of the walk, one of our own friendly, reliable dogs may accompany your dog on request, where appropriate.

COVID-19 Update:

As Melbourne moves through an easing of restrictions, we are permitted to operate many of our services in a limited capacity. We encourage you  to enquire about training for your dog but ask for your patience as we work through our waitlists and set new dates for classes. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your dog as soon as we are able to.

Our Critical Period Package for PUPPIES is currently available, please visit the page: Puppy Training Critical Period Package