COVID-19 Update

Underdog Training Resumes Group Classes!

We are excited to announce that the easing of restrictions has allowed us to resume some of our group training offerings. If you are interested in group training options, please ensure you carefully read the information below and enquire for the class most suited to you and your dog.

Please note: it is our current understanding that even as restrictions ease, the requirement for social distancing will remain. This requirement for indoor gatherings requires 4 square metres per person and as a result, some indoor venues will remain unavailable for training OR have very restricted numbers. For all the classes listed below, only one handler may attend per dog/ puppy.

In addition, we are releasing the below training dates in advance, based on the easing of relevant restrictions from May 31st, 2020. However, if the easing of restrictions is changed/ slowed, we will be unable to proceed as planned. If you have booked for a class that cannot run, you will receive a full refund or deferral to the first available course if you prefer, the choice will be yours.

When in attendance at any class, the following rules will apply in addition to our normal policies:

  • Upon arrival, please take the time to sanitise your hands. Hand sanitiser will be available at every venue.
  • Please do not shake hands with trainers or other class participants
  • Please maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between you and other participants. An easy way to keep this in mind at a dog training class is to measure your lead- most leads are 1.5- 1.8metres in length. Stay a lead’s length from other people.
  • If there is any interaction between dogs, please ensure social distancing is maintained again by using the length of your lead as a guide. Your trainer will only allow interaction between dogs if owners demonstrate they are able to maintain a “12 and 6” clock face position themselves rather than both standing at “2 and 4” for example.
  • If an Underdog trainer handles your dog, they will use their own lead. The trainer will connect the lead to your dogs’ collar or harness and then ask you to remove your lead. Upon returning your dog to you, the trainer will ask you to reconnect your lead before removing theirs. If you would prefer a trainer does not handle your dog, as always- this is absolutely fine.
  • We ask that you immediately leave the space at the conclusion of your class so that the next class can safely enter. If there is a class before yours, please wait for others to leave before entering the space.

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