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by Tamara Jackman
@ Underdog Training

About the Author:

Tamara has been training dogs since 2001 when she worked for the RSPCA in Western Australia as a volunteer and then as shelter staff before moving to Melbourne in late 2004 to complete the National Dog Trainers Federation course to become a qualified dog trainer.

Tamara has a special interest in the behaviour, management and rehabilitation of shelter and pound dogs and regularly gives seminars around Australia relating to these topics. As well as training and taking classes most days, Tamara works behind the scenes to ensure all Underdog classes run smoothly.

Tamara loves all breeds with a particular liking for herding and terrier breeds.

COVID-19 Update:

As Melbourne moves through an easing of restrictions, we are permitted to operate many of our services in a limited capacity. We encourage you  to enquire about training for your dog but ask for your patience as we work through our waitlists and set new dates for classes. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your dog as soon as we are able to.

Our Critical Period Package for PUPPIES is currently available, please visit the page: Puppy Training Critical Period Package