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Welcome to Underdog Training!

Underdog Training and Behaviour Consulting is an award-winning Melbourne based dog training business, developed and run by qualified dog trainer, Tamara Jackman. The services offered by Underdog aim to not just rehabilitate existing dogs, but to prevent problems in dogs through proper socialisation and training- of the owners as well as the dogs! We were the first dog training organisation to offer consultations aimed specifically at preventing problems between dogs and babies and children- these When Freddy Meets Fido sessions resulted in Tamara winning in the Telstra Women’s Business Awards, Nokia Innovation Category 2009.

We welcome all breeds to train with us, regardless of size, stature or reputation.

Melbourne Dog Trainers at Underdog Training

Training can and will benefit a dog of any age, from an 8 week old puppy to an older dog who has no prior training. You really can teach an old dog new tricks! We offer Group Obedience Training, Private Obedience Training, Boarding and Training, Behaviour Problem Solving as well as specialist workshops including Tricks and Scent Detection and specialist services such as When Freddy Meets Fido and Select a Dog sessions. Obedience training and behaviour problem solving doesn’t mean your dog’s personality will change. In fact, having a well behaved and obedient dog can make them welcome in social situations with family, friends or the community where an unruly dog may have to be left at home or isolated, away from the party! Underdog works around your requirements, so you can have the dog you’ve always wanted!

We also offer consultations for dogs that have serious behaviour problems such as aggression to people, aggression to other dogs and/ or anxiety issues.

Whether the problem is through fear or dominance, as a result of inadequate socialisation or a bad experience, Underdog will work with you to help you and your dog to manage or completely solve these problems. We train with your goals in mind, while giving you realistic expectations regarding your dog’s progress and results. We consult in all areas of Melbourne as well as regularly conducting regional and interstate workshops, seminars and lessons.